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Community Resources

Community Resources

There are a lot of questions and feelings of uncertainty when deciding to move into senior living. The journey is fraught with significant, emotionally charged choices, from the decision to move to the realization that it is time. We are living in an unprecedented time when our way of life is rapidly evolving and the future appears to be uncertain. You need a trusted and reliable senior living/care service provider now than ever.

Requirements Senior Care in Spokane KMJ Adult Family Home


Requirements Senior Care in Spokane KMJ Adult Family Home


* Agreeable rec center shoes and launderable non-slide shoes
* Agreeable garments or a robe for resting
* Individual toiletries (we give a toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, and razors at no additional charge)
* Pack or shower caddy to convey things and capacity
* Individual mp3 player or computer if possible 
* Reading material
* Computerized morning timer for your bedside
* Agreeable baggy workout pants, slacks, or shorts
* Agreeable baggy pullovers or shirts
* Sweater, coat, cap, and gloves
* Robe or nightwear

Requirements Senior Care in Spokane KMJ Adult Family Home


* Driver’s License or State I.D.
* Medicare Card
* Insurance Cards
* Medicaid Card
* Pharmacy Card
* Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare
* Durable Financial Power of Attorney
* Living Will

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See a list of requirements, documents needed, list of recommended items to bring along and all the required information in order to get started.

At KMJ Adult Family Home, we are fully compliant in this fight against COVID-19. All your support, hard work and commitment are welcome.

The safety, security, and fitness of our clients and Care Team contributors is our primary concern, in particular in the course of this pandemic.

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