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We are the best, most trusted, and most reliable Senior Living/Care Services provider now in Spokane. We provide a total assortment of Care and Nursing Services, Short-term stays, Long-term stays, Help with day-to-day schedules, Memory Care, etc. With a team of skilled, guaranteed, and merciful trained professionals ready to serve our residents 24/7.


Our main goal is to individualize the personal satisfaction of those we care for through the compassionate care of our skilled care specialists. We are focused on those we serve and our skilled team who care for them.

Our workers are unique. We perceive their commitments, praise their accomplishments, and resolve to deal with all that they might be going through, similarly as they deal with our residents.

Seniors can make every moment count while getting the help they might expect in a homelike setting that is availed by our Nursing Home. In our facilities, residents/occupants can live autonomously and in our community. Our private rooms are all clean, and warm, and have individually controlled heating and cooling as well as safety features. In addition, weekly housekeeping, and maintenance are also included in our packages. Care is given 24 hours every day, 7 days per week; all the time in Spokane.

There are a ton of inquiries and sensations of vulnerability while choosing to move into senior living. The excursion is full of huge, sincerely charged decisions, from the choice to move to the acknowledgment that the time has come.
The answer to all your anxiety is “KMJ Adult Family Home“, a place where everyone feels at home

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